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Grossmont Union High School District in San Diego, California serves as a model in this arena with their extensive school staff training model and protocol for teachers and administrators to identify youth who may be victims of [commercial sexual exploitation] CSE. (Literature Review: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children)

Education System:
Because virtually all children are involved in the education system, some agencies and [community-based organizations] CBOs have focused on the school setting as a useful place to identify children who are being subjected to [commercial sexual exploitation] CSE or are at-risk of CSE. School staff members also have access to the youth’s family or guardian, which allows the engagement of family or relatives.

San Diego, California
Grossmont Union High School District in San Diego County serves a diverse population of about 25,000 students who live in both urban and rural areas of the county. Grossmont recognized that a growing number of its students were falling victim to CSE. In response, the district’s Director of Guidance and Wellness developed an information sharing agreement with identified stakeholders, including the school district, probation, law enforcement agencies, child welfare, and a non-profit service provider, to better understand the youth they were serving and risk factors associated with CSE.

After gaining a better sense of the exploited youths’ backgrounds in their district, the stakeholders developed school staff training. The training incorporates the risk factors uncovered through the district’s information sharing agreement. Eventually they developed a protocol for teachers and administrators to identify youth who may be victims of sexual exploitation.207 The protocol provides a step-by-step approach when 1) there is suspected recruitment or actual exploitation by a student, 2) a suspected victim of CSE has been identified, and 3) a confirmed victim of CSE is identified. The school officials refer CSE victims to a local program, which consists of at least twelve weeks of counseling, recreational activity, case management, and art therapy.  Grossmont is currently working with school districts across San Diego to expand the use of its protocol.

Sacramento, California
Sacramento City Unified School District has begun to explore using the school setting as a forum to identify and work with youth who are either at-risk and or are victims. Its Sexually Exploited Children & Teens Community Collaborative (SECT) has led extensive training efforts for afterschool providers, on site social workers, and counselors. SECT developed a postcard and distributes it to individuals it trains, outlining CSE risk factors, red flags and key school district contacts that connect CSE-identified youth to community service providers that are specially trained to work with this population.

Additionally, stakeholders in Sacramento have recognized the importance of youth involvement in CSE programs. Recently, a group of students, including survivors and their allies, developed a youth-led initiative called “Students Together Reducing Exploitation and Trafficking” (STREAT). The survivors and allies have led awareness activities, developed after school clubs, and are currently ramping up efforts to provide trainings.

(Source: Ending the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Call for Multi-System Collaboration in California)


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