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The Sexual Exploitation of Girls in Gangs

Missing to Trafficking: Connections Between the Missing Child and Sex Trafficking

Finding Services for Runaway and Homeless Victims of Human Trafficking

Promising Practices in Combating the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Girls in Gangs

Abduction and Recovery Through the Eyes of the Child

Gang Involved Sex Trafficking

Building a Local Crisis Response to Human Trafficking

Coalition Building

Creating a Community Response to Trafficking

Human Trafficking 101: 2013 Update

Human Trafficking in Domestic Servitude

Human Trafficking and Traveling Sales Crews

Human Trafficking: An Introduction for Military, Civilians, and Contractors

Human Trafficking and Intersections with Code Compliance

Human Trafficking in Agricultural Labor 

National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) Training

La Traite des Personnes & L’esclavage Moderne

La Trata de Personas y La Esclavitud Moderna

NGOs – Key Partners for Law Enforcement

Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking in a Health Care Context

Recognizing Human Trafficking Victim Experiences

“Safe Harbor” Laws: A Systemic Approach to Addressing Child Sex Trafficking

Strategies for Giving Public Presentations on Human Trafficking

Using the Stages of Change Model to Assist Victims of Human Trafficking

Working with Foreign National Child Victims of Trafficking

Working with Law Enforcement

Combating Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking and the Media | Break the Chain Campaign

Human Trafficking Training | Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

State Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation | Polaris Project

Reducing Demand for Commercial Sex │Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE) Project

The U.S Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division | Combatting Human Trafficking

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Webinar | Justice for Trafficking Victims

Immigration Remedies

Continued Presence – Role of Federal Law Enforcement  | DHS, U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement

How T and U visas Can Assist Trafficking Victims │Department of Homeland Security

Minors & Runaway and Homeless Youth

Conducting Street Outreach to Runaway, Homeless, and Street Youth | Family & Youth Services Bureau, Administration for Children and Families

Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking | Shared Hope International

Requesting Assistance from HHS for Child Victims of Human Trafficking | Division of Anti-Trafficking in Persons, Dept. of Health & Human Services

Trauma-Informed Care and FYSB Outcomes for Runaway and Homeless Youth│Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance Center


Community Health Centers | Health Resources and Services Administration

Community Partnership Outreach | Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition

Coordinated Community Response | Children’s Advocacy Center – Suffolk County Police Department

Conducting Direct Outreach to Victims of Human Trafficking | Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition and Westminster Police Dept.

Conducting Outreach on Human Trafficking to Immigrant Communities

Engaging Volunteers in Anti-Trafficking Outreach | Global Center for Women and Justice

How to Assist American Indian Sex Trafficking Victims │ Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

Leveraging Resources to Serve Victims of Human Trafficking | Thai Community Development Center

Victim Identification and Assistance

Cultural Considerations in Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking | National Multicultural Institute

Effects of Trauma on Trafficking Victims and Challenges to Recovery | National Center for Trauma Informed Care

Enhancing Resiliency Among Trafficking Victims | Houston Rescue and Restore Coalition

Establishing a Shelter Program for Survivors of Human Trafficking | Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

Human Trafficking Victim Identification | Polaris Project

Role of State Refugee Coordinators in Assisting Trafficking Victims | Texas Health & Human Services Commission

Trauma Resiliencey Model │Trauma Resource Institute 

Returning Home, Reintegration and Family Reunification for Foreign Human Trafficking Victims in the United States | U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)