Art and Music Supporting Anti-Human Trafficking

This page presents a collection of art–including songs, music videos, spoken word, and photography–that is intended to raise awareness about human trafficking. MbA does not necessarily endorse the artistic choice or device used in the following works but does recognize each artist’s desire to unmask the truth of human trafficking.
Viewer discretion is advised.


Hold On by Project Stay Gold

Believe in Me by Courage Worldwide

Call Me Family by Courage Worldwide

Girls Are Not For Sale: We Are Millions by GEMS

Midnight Wars & The Scarlet Cord by Pamela Alderman

Don’t Let Me Go by The Click Five and MTV EXIT

Goodnight, Travel Well by The Killers and MTV EXIT

MK Ultra by MUSE and MTV EXIT

All I Need by Radiohead and MTV EXIT

When Will I Feel Love by Black Iris, Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast and MTV EXIT

This Song Saved My Life by Simple Plan and MTV EXIT

Don’t Let Me Go by The Click Five and MTV EXIT

She by Natmozzie

Beautiful Slave by Take No Glory

Come Back Home CD

Spoken Word

America’s Daughters by Polaris

A powerful piece of spoken word written and performed by a female survivor of sex trafficking. Through her brave words, we gain a brief glimpse into the unbelievable exploitation so many young people have endured while yearning for what we all need: LOVE.

The Making of a Girl by GEMS

An intimate journey of a hypothetical preteen girl as she faces a life of sexual exploitation. Rachel Lloyd, survivor of trafficking and founder of GEMS, takes us through the trauma, pain and trauma of a largely unremarked upon current issue facing American youth–sex trafficking, abuse, and sexual exploitation.


Moved to be a voice for those without, Stephanie Midthun wrote the powerful song “Believe in Me” and then gathered award-winning bands with the same heart to write music to raise almost $3 million dollars for Courage House.


Chaya reaches all ages with her personal story that tells of a wonderfully happy childhood that was shattered when she entered her early teens, finding out that important parts of her life had been a lie. She tells of the road back to wholeness through Jesus Christ, and is living proof that with a life sold out to the Lord, there is hope and triumph in the midst of tremendous heartbreak.


ArtWorks4FreedomArt Works for Freedom  is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use the power of art in the fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.


Jon Lowenstein trains his eye on the parts of society many people try to avoid. He says he tries to take a problem like modern-day slavery and engage people on a personal, emotional level. Lowenstein’s latest project,  “Victims of Modern-day Slavery,” shows those who have been victimized by human trafficking in the United States.

Mimi Chakarova spent nearly a decade working on “The Price of Sex,” a documentary film about Eastern European women who have been forced into sex trafficking. During her investigation, she posed as a prostitute, used hidden cameras, and built trust with the victims she profiled. Check out her publication “Sold for Sex in Eastern Europe.”

Photographer Steven Taylor traveled to Haiti with actor-musician Common to learn about the plight of the Restavek children, where a traditional route to education has dissolved into forced labor. Check out his publication “Exposing Child Slavery in Haiti.”

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