Justice Summit 2015

The Justice Summit 2015: Empowering You to Help End Human Trafficking will take place on January 16th-18th at Mountainbrook Community Church in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Our goal this year is to explore some of the systemic issues that contribute to Human Trafficking and find practical ways that each of us can help end it. We hope you can make it!

If at anytime you have questions please feel free to email info@mbabolitionists.org

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Friday (8:30am-5:00pm) All day pass: Twenty Dollars (Lunch is included)

Address from Local Leadership Panel

Power and Coercion: The most widely used and overlooked tactic by traffickers

Making the Connections between Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking

Labor Trafficking Dynamics

Addressing Men’s Demand for Purchased Sex: What do we know about the men who buy sex?

Law Enforcement Investigations

Understanding Trauma and Its After-Effects

Self Care and Secondary Trauma

Ending the Game: A groundbreaking coercion resiliency curriculum

Lifelong Liberty: Addressing poverty and lack of economic options as a primary vulnerability factor

An expert panel facilitated by Carissa Phelps, CEO of Runaway Girl

Friday Evening (6:30pm-9:00pm): FREE

Special Guest Speaker Chris Stambaugh, Founder and Director of the Grace Network

Film: The Dark Side of Chocolate

Saturday (9am-5pm) All day pass: Twenty Dollars (Lunch is included)

Media and Human Trafficking: How pro-trafficking lyrics affect an entire generation

Filmed Sexual Abuse: Making the connections between pornography and human trafficking

Advocacy and Human Trafficking: Using your freedom for others

Labor Trafficking and Your Response: Addressing demand and becoming responsible consumers

Specialized Foster Homes for Commercially Exploited Children in SLO County: Family Care Network’s Program

Education and Human Trafficking

Interfaith Workshop

The Power of Our Words When Working for Justice

….and more coming soon.


Sunday Afternoon: 1pm-4pm FREE

Creating Your Personal Abolition Plan: A curriculum for volunteers that explores how to use your specific skills and spiritual gifts to contribute to the abolitionist movement!