Bay Area Street Outreach and Training

Mb Abolitionists: Armando, Debbie, Ana, Sandi, Kimberly, Amy-Lynne, and Luke at Love Never Fails Feb. 2014 Training and Outreach

Love Never Fails and Mb Abolitionists Feb. 2014 Training and Street Outreach

In February and again in May 2014, a team of Mb Abolitionists traveled to the California Bay Area to learn how to facilitate street outreach. When we went in May, we joined with six other organizations all over California as we all prayed with and offered support to these girls and women being sold on our streets. We offered a way out and shared services that can set them physically free and offered them the love of Jesus who is the only one that can set their spirits free.

Love Never Fails and Mb Abolitionists "Arise As One"

Love Never Fails and Mb Abolitionists May 2014 “Arise As One”

“So all the men of Israel were gathered against the city, united together as one man.”  Judges 20:11

We will continue to partner with Love Never Fails (LNF) to outreach not only to the exploited women and girls, but also to their exploiters, as well as the homeless, the drug addicted, and the disabled that surround them on the cold, unforgiving streets.

Please email Luke Hickman-Adams or contact us for more information or to join the carpool for the next training and outreach.