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It Can Happen HereAnd Does: It’s Time to Talk About Human Trafficking
June 18, 2014  New Times Op. Ed. by Bob Cuddy: Version 28, Issue 27

Modern Day Slavery—The Crime of Human Trafficking
June 10, 2014  KCBX: Central Coast Public Radio
Founder and Executive Director of MbA, Rebecca Turner, is joined by Nisha AbdulCader, M.D., F.A.A.P., Pediatrician and Child Abuse Specialist, Founding Member IMPACT SLO and  John Vanek, Anti-Human Trafficking Consultant, Lieutenant (Ret.), San Jose Police Human Trafficking Task Force to discuss the many aspects of human trafficking on the Central Coast.

San Luis Obispo Prostitution Sting Nets Nine Arrests
June 5, 2014  NewTimes: Version 28, Issue 45

People As Property: Who’s At Risk To Be Sexually Exploited, And What’s Being Done To Help Them?
April 30, 2014  New Times Cover Story: Version 28, Issue 40

San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce: Human Trafficking 101
January 23, 2014  SLO Chamber
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce invited Rebecca Turner, Mb Abolitionists founder and executive director, to present on how to identify human trafficking and describe what local businesses can do to join the fight against it locally and globally

Mountainbrook Community Church Holds a Justice Summit to Combat Human Trafficking
November 15, 2013  NBC News

Mountainbrook Community Church Holds a Justice Summit to Combat Human Trafficking
November 15, 2013  KSBY News

Justice Summit at Mountainbrook Community Church
November 13, 2013  International Justice Mission: The Freedom Commons

Local Church Group Raises Awareness of Human Trafficking
November 13, 2013  New Times: Volume 28, Issue 16

SLO Church Group’s Justice Summit will Address Human Trafficking
November 12, 2013  Santa Maria Sun: Volume 14, Issue 36

Conference Set to Raise Awareness of Human Trafficking
November 11, 2013  The Tribune

KSBY Investigates: Sex Trafficking on the Central Coast
November 4, 2013  KSBY

Traffic Jamming: Mountainbrook Community Abolitionists’ Justice Summit
November 2, 2013  Bambu Batu

Liberty and Justice for All: Stand for Freedom Rally
March 13, 2013  Bambu Batu


K-Life FM: PSA for FIGHT Human Trafficking Concert
April 2014

November 15, 2013

The Dave Congalton Show
November 14, 2013
Interview with founder, Rebecca Turner,  and co-founder, Danielle Veatch, about the Justice Summit 2013: A Holistic Approach to Combating Human Trafficking.

2013 KSBY Television Commercial
Coming Soon!
Carissa Phelps, CEO of Runaway Girl FPC and author of Runaway Girl: Escaping Life on the Streets, One Helping Hand at a Time, discussing the Justice Summit 2013.